Marco Rubio: His Thin Glass Roof

Marco Rubio: His Thin Glass Roof
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23 April 2015
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In an attempt to prevent more mud to fall on his backgrounds, he returned money aimed at his presidential campaign. Splattered by a filthy record, the Floridian senator reinstated collected funds for his uncertain electoral crusade of 2016. Motive? Because they exceed the limits formally authorized to deal in those kinds of shows.  

This was published on Tuesday by the website Miamidiario, remarking that the figure reaches about 23 000 dollars. Other 27 000, dedicated to the last primary elections for the Senate. They will be reclassified looking at the presidential elections. This amount of money responds to questions of the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), after three-month financial statements presented during 2014.  

One of Rubio’s campaign officers, Lisa Lisker, responded to such charge: Neither his campaign committee (Marco Rubio for president), neither his Committee of Political Action (Rubio Victory) have seen excessive contributions or duplicated entrances. Almost by mid 2014 they warned the treasurer of Rubio’s campaign, Keith Davis that they had received "donations" above the established figure.  

Only one of them, in charge of Ned Lautenbach, was exceeded in 7600 dollars. Together with that, other notifications showed contributions that surpassed the 6 500 and 18 800 dollars between July and October of the same year.  

Treasurer Lisker defended his employer, Rubio, alleging that they had not received information from the FEC. “It was recently discovered while presentations of the committee were revised at the FEC website", Lisker wrote.  

Seemingly, he added, nobody examined the electoral data correspondents sent to the Commission until the Washington Post revealed excessive donations. In 2012, Treasurer Keith Davis came to an agreement with the FEC after it was revealed the acceptance of 210,173 dollars in contributions of that sort for the general elections in which Marco Rubio was elected senator.  

The Commission also rebuked his team since they didn’t return the illegal donations in the allotted time. In addition they were fined with an 8 000-dollar ticket and part payments to reduce similar errors in the future. It was in that framework that observers searched briefly on the life of the Floridian senator Marco Rubio.  

On June 19, 2012 he presented in U.S. cities his autobiography, "An American Son" Marc Caputo, a New Herald journalist, said then that it was a figure born in Miami of "exiled parents".  

However, on the following line he sweetened the statement by pointing, “son of immigrants”. The Washington Post denied the supposed exile after demonstrating that both parents left Havana bound to the United States in 1956, mainly for economic reasons. Later it was known that the story around that supposed heroism of his parents was fabricated in their son's office in the Capitol.  

But in his autobiography Rubio avoids all responsibility in the events and blames it on an employee who "by mistake" included it in his computer. On the High Chamber of the federal Congress he dared say: "I sometimes feel like I joined a theater company where each vote and each statement is calculated for its maximum political effect, instead of the public benefit".  

Even The Wall Street Journal advised him to avoid scandals like those he raised in Miami after using credit cards of the Republican Party to pay personal expenses. In his book An American Son he tries to justify: my clumsiness for accounting was really expensive.  

The press – he said – wielded the topic during my campaign to the federal Senate, when they suggested that I had stashed money from my committee of finances to purchase personal articles. “It was not true", "but I had helped to create the misunderstanding…" Rubio had an important collaborator, the Floridian representative for the municipality of Hialeah, Ralph Arza.

So racist that his boss was forced to take him transitorily out of scene for the hot comments of racism he made against a school official of Miami-Dade.

This was a sounded case of racism that black legislators of the territory threatened to boycott the ceremony where Marco Rubio would be invested as president of the House of Representatives of Florida.

Here it is on the nude the North American politics, this red-handed event show his intention of being candidate as head of the White House.

Thanks God, as a religious believer would say, without the most solid chances to achieve his goal.

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