Trump-Iran: Backfiring?

Trump-Iran: Backfiring?
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9 January 2020
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When the civilized conscience of the world rejects the murder of a prestigious Iranian figure, Qasem Soleimani, Donald Trump celebrates it.

What’s more striking is that the head of the White House is proclaimed aware of such offense typically gangster-like.

This was reported on Monday from Tehran by a correspondent of the Associated France Press (AFP), Marc Jourdier.

As the journalist wrote, Trump declared: Soleimani’s bloody devastation is over after the United States struck him down.

A little later, Trump threatened Iran with "major reprisals."

When did he do it? Almost at the same time that the Iraqi Parliament voted to expel U.S. troops from its territory.

The AFP warned that after the murder of General Qasem Soleimani, the "architect of Iranian intelligence," the world fears a conflict.

He added the case of Abu Mehdi Al Muhandis, whom he called number two of a pro-Iran paramilitary coalition, Hashd al Shaabi.

The French agency also commented that Trump returned to Washington on Air Force One, after 14 days of vacation in Florida.

He did not issue statements that would ease people.

On Saturday, there was a demonstration at the Torch of Friendship, where Miami residents asked Trump to prevent a conflict with Iran.

They were referring to the president's threats to destroy 52 targets of that nation like the number of hostages during the situation in 1979 at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad.

Just hours ago, witnesses said, several rockets struck near that embassy without any casualties.

For more than two months, dozens of rockets have fallen in areas where there were U.S. diplomats and military in Iraq.

Observers insisted on preventing the murders of Soleimani and Al Muhandis from generating "an unusual agreement against the United States in Iraq."

Equivalent to say? Strengthening the domestic unity against the empire.

One of the many events surfacing from the situation in that side of the world.

Also, at the Parliament a large number of its members joined their voices to shout: "No to the United States!"

After that demonstration Trump threatened Iraq with "very large" punishments if they forces his troops out of the country.

"They will make the sanctions against Iran seem almost weak," added the president.

Donald Trump in election year only acts spurred by them, but not without backfiring results.

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