Cuba bets on nonviolence, 16 days of activism

Cuba bets on nonviolence, 16 days of activism
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29 November 2019
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Cuba declares, observes itself and joins efforts to take new steps in favor of the rights of girls and women, an intention that has accompanied the Revolution since its first days.

With Santiago de Cuba as its main venue, the event takes place in complex times for Latin America, when indigenous women have been outraged with impunity in Bolivia and we are still moved by cases like that of the Chilean mime who appeared outraged and murdered in a square, while neoliberal winds season the old and current male chauvinist violence with race hatred and political differences…

In these times, Cuba declares, observes itself and joins efforts to take new steps in favor of the rights of girls and women, an intention that has accompanied the Revolution since its first years.

In a convergence of willingnesses, the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), the Oscar Arnulfo Romero Center, the National Center for Sex Education (Cenesex), the Center for Youth Studies and the Cuban Multidisciplinary Society for Sexuality Studies have foreseen a broad program of activities that takes in nine provinces of the country and will last until next December 10.

This Thursday afternoon, the Pabellón Cuba (Cuba Pavilion) opens its doors to the central activity in Havana, which celebrates the first anniversary of the National Campaign “Evolve” (Campaña Nacional “Evoluciona”), with a great festival of #ArtesporlaNoViolencia (#ArtsforNoViolence), music, dance, body painting, sports exhibitions, turban workshops, contests, participation games, performance, a #Rap CypherBasta and concerts.

With the unconditional support of the Government and the direction of the Communist Party of Cuba in Santiago de Cuba, the activities have passed the borders of the main city to reach other municipalities, among them Palma Soriano and Segundo Frente, a must-visit destination, according to organizers, to pay tribute to Vilma Espín, that woman who did so much for female empowerment on the island.

Speeches, workshops with university students, workers, for example, from the Tobacco Factory 1 in Palma Soriano, religious communities, media outlets and institutions are taking place in Santiago de Cuba since last November 8, but activism does not stop and the event invites to the Community Intervention “Evoluciona y gana” (Evolve and Win), at Plaza de Marte, next December 8, at 9:00 am.

An hour later, Ferreiro Park will house the Youth Community Fair for no violence against women, which includes exhibitions, sports and cultural activities, performance of Fátima Paterson’s theater group, Play Back theater group, “Ojos de Estatuas Vivientes” project, Chaguitos, Community Dance (Danza Comunitaria), among other activities.

Actually, there have been more than sixteen days dedicated to reinforce the actions the island systematically carries out in this respect because panels, speeches, artistic presentations and audiovisual projections have been underway since the beginning of this month and besides Havana and Santiago, debates are being promoted in schools, workplaces, communities, as well as events and popular fiestas in such provinces as Pinar del Río, Matanzas, Villa Clara, Ciego de Ávila, Holguín, Las Tunas and Granma.

With an emphasis on young people (men and women), but open to all sectors of the Cuban population, initiatives like “Evolve” Campaign aim to dismantle standardized beliefs and imaginary that support expressions of violence towards women, and to promote other attitudes and changes in the discourses of hegemonic masculinity.

Translated Jorge Mesa Benjamín / CubaSi Translation Staff

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