What Marco Rubio Doesn't Say in Twitter

What Marco Rubio Doesn't Say in Twitter
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3 August 2019
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That "the new politics (of the United States) towards the island will not harm family trips" it was one of the half-truths with which the republican senator Marco Rubio tried to justify the opening of a Twitter account, through which, according to him, aimed at "interacting" with Cubans in the Island.

We then suppose that when the twitter, also known in internet as Narco Rubio, regretted that "the new politics won't harm family trips" he meant Cuban resident in the U.S. who can still visit their relatives in the Island, and he was not referring to the damage that that same politics has caused to family reunification.

Nevertheless, in an overt and shameless tantrum of cynicism, last July 24^th , Marco Rubio complained in Twitter that Cubans had to go to a third country to obtain visa: "Many in #Cuba face an obstacle of travelling to a third country for interviews because we removed many employees from the embassy. This was not a punitive action. North American and Canadian diplomats suffered serious brain damage in #LaHabana."

On this issue the North American agency AP just published an article with the titled "Thousands of Cubans who hope to emigrate to the U.S., in limbo", where it’s confirmed that the dreams of many U.S. residents of meeting their relatives “have been in hiatus since September 2017, when Donald Trump’s government removed most of the embassy personnel in Havana in retaliation to health incidents that affected nearly 26 embassy officials and their families."

According to the same source: "The program Cuban Family Reunification Parole (CFRP) is still effective, but there aren’t consular personnel to process the cases in Cuba and U.S. authorities have not appointed another place to follow the procedures. Other procedures were moved to countries like Colombia and Guyana."

"The option to request political exile - adds the report – has also been suspended and tourism visas fell from a little more than 16 000 in 2017 to almost 7 000 in 2018. The five-year Visa with multiple entrances for Cubans was replaced by a visa of up to three months with a single entrance that should be requested in a third country."

According to AP, "the CFRP allows 20.000 Cubans to travel every year to the United States under a special permit know as parole that is granted faster than an immigration visa and in accordance with the Service of Immigration and Citizenship, about 20 000 cases form the CFRP have been approved and are pending of additional procedures abroad. Other thousands haven’t been able to be processed."

What the liar from Florida did not say, neither he will in Twitter is that he is one of the main instigators in the story of the so-called sonic attacks, which according to Jorge Duany, director of the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University are part of "a package of measures to put more pressure" on the Cuban government, on the package: "The collateral damage is that Cubans who are trying to emigrate and cannot do it as they did in the past become hostages."

In January 2018, as president of a senate hearing in which was examined the issue of imaginary attacks, Marco Rubio ended up considering that perhaps those attacks were not acoustic at all, but he insisted in that there wasn’t doubt of its existence and that the Cuban Government either carried them out or had some knowledge on this matter.

"Well, maybe they are not acoustic, they probably used microwaves or another technology, but it’s irrelevant, what’s important is to know which method was used, but it’s like saying that we don't know whether they were killed with a knife or with a firearm, at the end of the day we knew there was an attack", he said to EFE news agency back then.

No one doubts that the North American senator, if the idea is taking down the Cuban Revolution little he cares about the pain that causes the separation of dozens of thousands of families. Cubans in the U.S., apparently don't think like the current "consultant" of the White House.

The "non punitive" politics, designed by Rubio and other characters of the anti-Cuban mafia of Miami could turn into a boomerang for the current administration. According to Andy Gómez, a political analyst former director of the Cuban Research Institute of the University of Miami, mentioned by AP, "many Cubans are not happy with the politics of the president" and "most, if pressed any further may not vote for Trump in 2020."

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