Trump and failure as a reward for his Cuba policy

Trump and failure as a reward for his Cuba policy
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26 June 2019
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"We’re going to get Cuba worked out properly, not the way Obama did, which was a disaster that I reversed. We’re going to get Cuba taken care of,” assured the President of the United States, Donald Trump, when asked during an interview for Hispanic TV channel Telemundo, if he was looking for the Latin vote.

"We’re going to get Cuba taken care of, Venezuela… Who’s gonna be tougher with Venezuela and with Maduro than I am? Something terrible is happening in Venezuela and you know who’s causing the problem? Mostly, Cuba. They’ve got 25,000 troops,” the president added.

And as proof that nobody has been tougher with Cuba than him, he added: “We’re sanctioning Cuba. I just stopped cruise ships from going to Cuba.”

The statements of the US president were made —by chance?— on the same day that the US government decided to include Cuba in its human trafficking blacklist, among other reasons, “for forcing doctors to be part of international missions.” According to the report released by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Cuba cancelled its Mais Medicos (More Doctors) mission in late 2018, after then President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, known as the Brazilian Trump, described it as human trafficking.

In short, apparently, Trump intends to get Cuba straightened out through a despicable policy that allows them to justify the blockade on the island. To such lies as the alleged sonic attacks against their diplomats and that there’s no food nor water in Venezuela because of the “Cuban empire”, they add now the manipulation on the doctors of the island who have fulfilled missions in around 70 countries and have saved millions of lives with their selfless and supportive service.

But the leader of the current administration does not care about the welfare or the fate of Cuban doctors, a lot less, the life or health of any poor person in this world. With regard to Cuba, he only cares about, as he clearly said in the interview with Telemundo, the Latin vote.

"I love the Cuban people from Miami and elsewhere,” said Trump in Telemundo on Thursday.

What Miami people did the president refer to? To the tens of thousands of Cubans from that city who have been forced to the family separation, after the violation of the migratory treaties, for the pretext of the alleged acoustic attacks? To most of those who emigrated after the 1990s, many of them for the shortages caused by the blockade, and who wish to have a normal relationship with their country? To the Cubans in Miami who know that he’s shamelessly lying to please, in his race towards the re-election in 2020, an anti-Cuban mafia expert on electoral frauds?

And so there were no doubts as to what “Cubans in Miami” he was talking about, he added:

"The people in Miami gave me the Bay of Pigs award before the election because they loved how I am handling Cuba issue. The Cubans gave me the Bay of Pigs award, did you know that?”

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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