Some in Miami, Gente de Zona, Laura Pausini and the "Dictatorship" of La Gozadera

Some in Miami, Gente de Zona, Laura Pausini and the "Dictatorship" of La Gozadera
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5 July 2018
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Italian singer Laura Pausini next to the Cuban music group Gente de Zona, at a concert with venue in the Sport City, Havana, Cuba, on June 26th, 2018.

Many times culture in Miami has only served to encourage politics that keep alive that business best known as the "Anti-Cuban industry."

That the extreme right of Miami has always been divorced of culture is no secret. What else to expect from the descendants of the criminals of a dictatorship that fled - after the triumph of the Revolution on January 1st, 1959 -, an Island with 57% of illiteracy. No government of the misnamed "cup of gold" was never in charge of neither alphabetizing the people, neither of encouraging culture massively.

Therefore Batista’s sergeants and murderers didn't reach Miami to found schools neither favor arts. The first wave of defeated and their descendants who at present, in one way or another, are key personalities in that city of South Florida, have taken as their primary goal since then to profit from their fight against communism: the U.S. enemy during the Cold War.

Speaking about relationships with Cuba it was Miami’s culture, which for a long time, only served to encourage politics that keep alive that business best known as "Anti-Cuban industry". Hence traditionally in Miami have been burnt portraits of Cuban artists, bombs have been planted in stages, artists censored in the radio, musicians stoned and records smashed on the streets with steamrollers.

Such fascist positions were not completely absent in the last years when, under the most tolerant government of Obama the program of cultural exchange was established. The owners of the hatred business have never stopped politicizing "culture" especially in the media which dictate what can or cannot be said in that city.

Under the new "contract", the alleged defenders "freedom" and "democracy" even allowed that Cuban artists could come and go. They could even reside in that city provided they respected the "hurting" of a mythology of repressions, extermination camps and mass killings that only exist in their feverish heads.

The same "tolerance" reached a point that the top authorities of Miami could hand the City Keys to Gente de Zona "for their successes" and then just take it back because somebody, with different ideas to the prevailing approval, appeared enjoying in a video the music of that same group.

The last example on how "culture" works in Miami is the impact of the recent gig of Gente de Zona and Laura Pausini held over a week ago in Havana. The far-right wing of Miami is outraged because both the singer of Gente de Zona, Alexander Delgado, and the Italian singer Laura Pausini, thanked the presence of the Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel in the concert.

According to El Nuevo Herald, Alexander Delgado, said at some point of his presentation in the Sport City of Havana: "I’d like to tell you something and I’d like to greet somebody special, I think it’s something very beautiful and I want you to know that we have here the presence, and I’d like to thank him for coming and share this moment with us, and especially with you, the people which is what we represent, a round of applause for our President Díaz-Canel who is here with us now. Thank you for being now in front of the people, next to the people, sharing with Gente de Zona."

I believe that Alexander’s last words were what hurt the most to the headstrong far-right of Miami, the thanking "for being at this time in front of the people, next to the people, sharing with Gente de Zona". And it must have hurt even more that the people - more 250 thousand people – who awaited stoically under the heavy rain that day for the concert to begin, the huge Gozadera (Joy) for more than two hours of Pausini and Gente de Zona, nothing less than next to their President.

Don’t be too surprised if at some point Alexander is accused in Miami for the hundreds of people who followed Díaz-Canel through the streets during his recent visit to Granma province.

The far-right wing is sick of failure. Hatred and rage are their only fuels. Hatred causes weariness and that doesn't stand happiness.

The anti-Cuban mafia of Miami is the first responsible for the blockade against the people that it presumably defend. They want a people burdened with needs, sad and bitter for that reason they cannot bear, on this side of the sea, the minimum spark of enjoyment, or what’s the same, any manifestation of the "dictatorship" of La Gozadera.

Cubasi Translation Staff / Amilkal Labañino Valdés

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