Cuba Elected as Head of Continental Medical Organization

Cuba Elected as Head of Continental Medical Organization
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1 August 2016
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Cuba was elected by acclamation as president and secretary general of the Alliance of Public Health Associations in the Americas (AASPAL), in the framework of the first International Conference of the sector that concludes today in this capital.

Interviewed by the news agency Prensa Latina, Doctor Alcides Ochoa, elected as president, said this election was acknowledgment to the contribution and collaboration by the Caribbean country in this field, in personnel training and stating the need to create an organization as AASPAL.

About this historic alliance, the secretary general, Doctor Juan Manuel Diego Cobelo, asserted that apart from the ideological diversity and the different governmental systems, Latin America achieved an unprecedented unity, motivated by progress of public health for its people.

Ochoa highlighted the role played by the American Public Health Association, with traditional friendship with its Cuban counterpart, for Cuba to occupy this post, adding the support from the Pan-American Health Organization, among others.

He explained that this support answered to the respect from members of that association for the Cuban health system.

The executive committee is also composed of Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colombia and Panama.

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