Miami: In Underwear

Miami: In Underwear
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12 August 2015
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A few days back the New Herald published an editorial that exposes the glamorous image of that city.

It highlights that the frauds to the public funds is customary news around there.

These frauds are carried out, through secret monetary leaks of the selected firms.

The Herald´s editorial, under the title: "A club against the fraud and the personal greed" informs that this procedure stirs anger among citizenship, since that money would have gone to the poorest.

Only in one of the companies involved owners deviated to their pockets 36 millions in tributary loans and other additional amounts in bribes.

The article remarks that what is said corroborates the use of dirty and illicit money, hidden behind the facade of apparent good deeds for the community.

For the time being, according to reporter Jay Weaver there are seven managers who, guided by their personal greed are involved in that sort of problems.

Weaver's revelation indicates that subtracted funds were meant to ease the housing needs for very poor people and elders.

The Editorial also says that beyond the shameful insult to taxpayers, the denounced case poses a bigger problem: "an outbreak of corruption that must be quenched with a hard hand".

The opinion of the Editorial adds that the Medicare swindle is everywhere among clinics and crooked doctors who present bills for non-existent treatments to patient.

Also, insurance corporations falsify accidents to multiply the cost of the policies.

All in all, there are plenty of identity thefts in the attempt to gaining fiscal reimbursements with false applications, as well as organized scams even by agents from the municipal public safety forces.

The aforementioned Opinion page of the New Herald finishes with a sentence that still makes that city shivers:

"General ethics is in mourning in Miami."

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