Why is Political Communication Important?

Why is Political Communication Important?
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14 January 2024
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Since the beginning of civilization, communication, and politics have been essential elements for the organization of States and the development of societies. But why is political communication still important today? Is it only a matter of academic interest?

It's known that, throughout history, the public square was the place where political communication took place. There politicians made their ideas known, said what they thought about aspects of society of which they were part and communicated their action plans. Since then, man has developed politics using communication, in order to influence citizens to accept an economic, political, and social model, in which certain norms, values and principles of the prevailing political system are followed.

Researchers on the subject propose that the characteristics of this type of communication are determined by the historical moment and the interest of the dominant social classes or groups. It’s an area of knowledge that seeks to study political actors, discourses, and behaviors. In this regard, it has been approached from Political Theory, Sociology, and Communication Sciences.

As is often the case with issues of this nature, there’s currently no international agreement on its definition and there are multiple approaches about its role in society. For example, it’s sometimes understood, according to research associated with the University of Havana, “as a tool that conditions people's thinking, their symbolic representation and the position they adopt in given situations.”

Beyond the multiple angles from which this phenomenon is approached, the truth is that political communication is the way to expose political contradictions and make proposals for solutions. To paraphrase a Cuban researcher: no political conflict can be solved without political communication.

Hence the importance of institutions and public servants gradually understanding the logic of political communication and incorporating it into their daily practice, in an ethical organization that aims to establish and consolidate the necessary citizen agreement.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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