Venezuela does not stray from UNESCO values despite aggressions

Venezuela does not stray from UNESCO values despite aggressions
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15 April 2023
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The Venezuelan ambassador to UNESCO, Rodulfo Pérez, pointed out that the economic aggressions Venezuela faces, do not stray from the values of peace, equity, dignity and social commitment promoted by UNESCO.

“That is part of our work, to denounce in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization the unilateral coercive measures that the Venezuelan people are suffering for eight years and the actions we carry out to maintain our commitment and not give in,” he stressed in an interview with Prensa Latina.

According to the diplomat, the United States and the European Union impose on Venezuela very special difficulties that impact the economy, the productive apparatus, the electrical system and all spheres, in order to unleash crises and discontent by attacking the model of social justice promoted by the Bolivarian Revolution.

“The consequences and problems that they have created are real and we do not hide them, however, it is not possible to deny the nobility and dignity of Venezuelans in the face of these facts, which affect issues within the scope of UNESCO,” he said.

Pérez stressed that Venezuela has not closed schools or abandoned cultural initiatives and scientific developments, focused on the well-being of its people. He also highlighted the generalization of valuable experiences, including the National Center for Social Action for Music, the National System of Youth and Children’s Orchestras and Choirs, and the scientific improvements achieved through biotechnology to better up potato production.

“In sports, our athletes continue to defy the difficulties that are imposed on us to compete in international events and the State implementing, supported by science, and a successful anti-doping policy,” he added.

For Pérez, the fact that Venezuela continues to advance on the issues and values defended by UNESCO in the midst of so many difficulties and shortages can only be explained by the will and resistance of its people and its Government.

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