US announces cluster bomb shipment to Ukraine amid UN disapproval and Republican applause

US announces cluster bomb shipment to Ukraine amid UN disapproval and Republican applause
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9 July 2023
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The US decision to send cluster bombs to Ukraine has angered both the United Nations and human rights defenders, as more than 100 countries ban this type of weapon. It is a device that opens in the air and scatters hundreds of explosives within a radius of half a kilometer. They destroy everything that comes in their way, including the lives of civilians.

Also, they can reach the ground and not detonate, so they would become a type of antipersonnel mine. Spain is also taking a position against this shipment. It was Minister Margarita Robles who defended our country’s position: “No to cluster bombs and yes to aid for the legitimate defense of Ukraine, which we understand is not done with these bombs.”

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Biden justified his “difficult” but necessary decision because “the Ukrainians are running out of ammunition.” The president stressed that this is not a permanent decision, but that it will remain in force as long as the United States ensures an adequate supply of the 155-millimetre artillery widely used by NATO systems.

In the American political world, he has been greeted with disapproval from pro-government Democrats and praise from Republicans.

“Cluster bombs have the potential to harm civilians years after a conflict has ended,” Chrissy Houlahan, a Democratic Congresswoman representing Pennsylvania, stressed on Twitter.

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For his part, Democrat Jim McGovern said on Twitter: “I stand by my strong support for helping Ukraine deal with Russia’s brutal aggression, but cluster bombs aren’t going to help. I want Biden to join us in NATO.” I ask you to listen to allies, such as Britain, France, Germany and Spain, who are opposed to shipping.”

Just Thursday, Democratic lawmaker Ilhan Omar introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to ban the sale of these types of weapons, reminding that 123 countries, including Ukraine, have ratified a convention banning their use. is of.

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And although they acknowledge it’s a “difficult” move, Republicans have applauded the decision. Conservative Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, insisted that the US executive cannot stop there.

“It is important that it also sends ATACMS (missiles), which have a range similar to the Storm Shadow cruise missile that the UK has already sent, and that the delivery of F-16s (fighter jets) should be expedited.”

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