UPEC chief calls for keeping Cuban people well-informed

UPEC chief calls for keeping Cuban people well-informed
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26 January 2023
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Ricardo Ronquillo, President of the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC), on Thursday called for a public press linked to Cuba´s life

At the meeting, ahead of the 11th UPEC Congress coming July, journalists from Villa Clara province in spoke about the pressing need to listen to and reflect on popular views, as a responsibility of the public media.

“Local press cannot be alienated from what is presently happening to the Cuban people, because silence on any issue is a service to the interests of the counterrevolution to discredit the nation’s public media system,” Ronquillo added, while pointing out that, “whether the press is alienated from realities we live, the Cuban people are alienated from us. If we do not provide all information our people need, all this leads to the lack of credibility not only of the press model, but also of the political model of the Revolution”.

“Cuba´s transformations go through the public press system that we want to build”, Ronquillo stated.

Journalist Dalia Reyes, on the other hand, praised the need for constant improvement of journalists in economic, political, cultural and social issues.

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