UN Chief Urges Nations to Build Fairer World at G77 Summit

UN Chief Urges Nations to Build Fairer World at G77 Summit
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16 September 2023
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The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, has made a clarion call for nations to build a more equitable world that caters to the needs of developing countries. 

His remarks were made during the opening of a summit in Cuba involving the Group of 77 (G77) - an alliance of emerging economies - and China. World Failing Developing Countries Guterres acknowledged the efforts put forth by numerous G77 nations in lifting millions out of poverty. However, he highlighted that these countries continue to grapple with multiple crises such as hunger, inflation, climate disasters and debt issues. He further stressed that adequate support towards addressing these challenges remains lacking. "The conclusion is clear: The world is failing developing countries," lamented Guterres while delivering his speech in Spanish. 

G77 Summit Ahead Of UN General Assembly 

The summit featuring representatives from the G77 group is being held in Cuba just days before the UN General Assembly convenes in New York. Founded back in the 1960s, this grouping plays a significant role on global platforms like the United Nations. 

In fact, according to Guterres, "the voice of the G77 plus China will always be essential at the United Nations." 

A Call To Champion Equality And Justice 

In his address to delegates representing emerging economies worldwide, including China, Mr. Guterres urged them to intensify their advocacy for multilateralism.He encouraged them not only to step up but also use their influence effectively: "Champion a system rooted in equality; champion a system ready to reverse centuries-long injustice and neglect." He emphasized creating an environment conducive for fostering development and ensuring justice for all developing nations. 

Towards A Fairer Future For Developing Countries 

Ending his address on an optimistic note, the UN Secretary-General stressed the need to create a fairer future for developing countries. His words resonated with Cuba's president and the host of the summit, who echoed similar sentiments towards ensuring an equitable global system that addresses the needs and challenges faced by developing nations. 

In conclusion, Guterres' address at the G77 summit underscores a pressing need for greater international cooperation and support for developing countries. As these nations continue to face various crises while striving to achieve sustainable development, it is imperative that their voices are heard and their concerns addressed in global forums. The call for championing systems rooted in equality and justice serves as a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility towards creating a more balanced world.

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