With Transfermóvil updated version, you can pay Nauta Hogar and request MLC cards

With Transfermóvil updated version, you can pay Nauta Hogar and request MLC cards
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6 August 2020
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An updated version of Transfermóvil —ETECSA application for the online payment of public services— is already available with new features. One of them gives you the option to pay online the Nauta Hogar service.

The ETECSA official Twitter account also discloses another benefit of this updated version, which is the improvement on the way you can now pay ONAT (National Tax Administration Office).

This version also updates “services of interest in line with the policy of informatization of society in Cuba in accordance with the people’s demands,” noted in her Twitter account Mayra Arevich, ETECSA CEO.

You can also request an MLC card partnered with Banco Metropolitano and the recharge of Joven Club users’ accounts.

With 900,000+ registered users, this application grew dramatically in recent months, especially after the pandemic outbreak, as it helps the management of two dozen services from home.  

According to some data available to the Trabajadores newspaper, 14.3 million operations were executed by Transfermóvil only in June, an increase of 1 million operations over May.

One of the top priorities of the Transfermóvil development team is to provide regular updates of this application with the purpose of adding new features to the service of people, pointed out Julio García Trápaga, ETECSA e-commerce director.

Through the Transfermóvil application, users can have access to 20+ features even offline.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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