Revolution brought dignity and rights to Cuba

Revolution brought dignity and rights to Cuba
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1 January 2022
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The January 1, 1959, Revolution brought dignity to Cuba and the conquest of rights such as freedom and equality, the Cuba Si France association noted on Saturday.

In a message to Prensa Latina, the organization, founded 30 years ago, highlighted the change and the hope that the defeat of the United States-supported Fulgencio Batista dictatorship represented for Cuban people.

Cuba demonstrated to the world that it was possible, but it soon faced the aggression of Washington and its genocidal economic, commercial and financial blockade, a policy without equivalent in the history of humanity and more than 60 years of enforcement, he stressed.

According to the French association, the Revolution enshrined independence and sovereignty, an achievement that its leaders and the people have defended with intelligence, self-denial and courage.

In all these years and in the midst of the vilest aggressions by successive US administrations, Cuba has done more than resisting, because it has continued the civilizing work by raising the level of consciousness and knowledge of the people and has continued working for peace in the world and peaceful coexistence, it noted.

For the organization, this can be summarized by stating that the Revolution that celebrates 63 years continues representing an example.

Cuba Si France congratulated the Cuban people and their leaders and thanked them for the open path and the insurmountable source of inspiration for those who fight their own struggles on the planet, the message concluded.


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