Returned to Cuba 26 Irregular Migrants

Returned to Cuba 26 Irregular Migrants
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11 March 2023
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On Friday, March 10th, a group of 26 irregular migrants was returned to Cuba by the United States Coast Guard Service (SGC), a note published on the website of the Ministry of the Interior (Minint) reported.



Through Orozco harbor, in Bahía Honda, Artemisa, came 23 men and three women who had participated in four illegal exits from the country and were intercepted at sea by the SGC.


Thus, the SGC has returned to the Island 1,944 people in 26 operations so far this year.


In general, from various countries in the area with which they have migration agreements, 44 operations have been carried out this year with 2,724 Cuban citizens returned.


Cuba ratifies its commitment to regular, safe, and orderly migration and reiterates its alert about the danger and life-threatening conditions that illegal departures from the country by sea represent.

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