THE PHOTO: Champion?

THE PHOTO: Champion?
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13 December 2021
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The recentness of this image makes it even more painful. It was posted on Facebook on the last day of November.

More than 760 thousand Internet users had given it "likes". But is it liking the word? Presumably, the hand should be interpreted in this case as solidarity, pity or a form of encouragement.

The fact that comments such as "Hang in there, champion" or others where, in different ways praised him for helping to reactivate the trade in his locality, reiterating that he was a champion, an example for lazy people...

But a carefully look at his face, that infinite fatigue, the resignation of those who wait without any hope, that dream of the defeated ... to realize that this little boy is everything but a champion.

In fact, as long as he and so many like him wither next to a bunch of vegetables they need to sell, there will never be champions, only losers.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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