The pandemic did not stop Cuba in Tokyo

The pandemic did not stop Cuba in Tokyo
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9 August 2021
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The disastrous effects of the pandemic, at all levels, are irrefutable. Millions of human beings died as a result of the disease, and many others have suffered from its terrible social and economic consequences.

Sports are not indifferent to this situation, and the recently concluded Olympic Games, held in Tokyo, were about to be cancelled.

However, Japan kept going at all costs. We are really grateful to that very Asian patience that helped saved the continuity of these Summer Games. And they did great, as broadcasting, technology, and sports results were excellent. 

In the case of Cuba, we were concerned about the lack of training of our athletes. In some cases, it was a proven fact as unforeseen injuries and tiredness affected the delegation. But most of athletes redoubled efforts and made a whole nation happy in the last couple of weeks.

Who would have thought Cuba would perform to its best since Athens 2004? The courage of our athletes showed up once again and beyond some underperformance, the delegation exceeded expectations.

Fortunately, we also won the most important of all battles, that of avoiding athletes to getting infected with the disease amid an environment where dozen positive cases were daily reported. And none was Cubans’, as they strictly met all safety actions.

It is, no doubt, another successful chapter from Cuban sport. And these memorable performance (I do not even say medals) must be specially highlighted due to the extremely difficult circumstances in which they were achieved.

Again, the flagbearer of the Cuban delegation had an outstanding performance. Both Mijaín López and boxing were great. But we must also remark the performance of wrestler Luis Orta and the two-seat canoeing, which are all feat. We cannot ignore the outstanding performance of 400m runner Roxana Gómez, Leurys Pupo’s steel nerves, Idalys Ortiz’s bravery, wrestler Reinieris Salas’ pride. In fact, the commitment and sacrifice of more than 60 warriors who competed on behalf of Cuba in Tokyo,

The final standing speaks for itself. Perhaps this may be the recovery of our sport, which has lately endured a lot of obstacles. 

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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