"Our response to Zionist regime, its punishment certain"

"Our response to Zionist regime, its punishment certain"
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8 April 2024
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In a meeting with President of Syria Bashar Assad in Damascus on Monday, Amir-Abdollahian referred to various political, legal and international measures taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran after the Israeli regime's terrorist attack against the Iranian consulate in Damascus last Monday and underscored that "Our response to the Zionist regime and its punishment is certain."

He also referred to the recent visit of the Palestinian Resistance groups' leaders to Tehran and said that,"Various intelligence reports and reports indicate there is a wide gap and unprecedented internal divisions and huge disputes in the Zionist regime, while on the opposite front, the resistance is in a very good position and high level of readiness to continue standing against the oppressor Zionist regime."

Bashar Assad, for his part, praised the role of martyr Major General Mohammadreza Zahedi in the fight against terrorism and in serving the people of Syria and Lebanon, adding that, "the best penalty for the Zionist regime is to strengthen the Axis of Resistance as much as possible."

The Syrian president highlighted that the Zionist regime of Israel is more isolated than ever now after the six months since the start of the aggression on the Gaza Strip, adding that "Today, the Zionist regime is only pinning hope on preventing the Palestinian civil society from continuing its support to the resistance by continuing the crimes against the Palestinian citizens. Therefore, economic and humanitarian support for the Palestinian nation is a human, Islamic, Arab and international duty."

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