New group of irregular migrants returned to Cuba

New group of irregular migrants returned to Cuba
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22 October 2023
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A new group of 65 irregular migrants were returned to Cuba through the capital's Jose Marti International Airport from Bahamas and Mexico, national television reported.

 The returnees from the northern nation (32 men and 5 women) left the Caribbean Island legally and joined irregular routes to the U.S. border.

While those returned from the Bahamas arrived in the largest of the Antilles the day before and were intercepted at sea by the U.S. Coast Guard, after participating in an illegal departure.

One of those returned in Friday's operation was on parole due to criminal sanctions at the time of leaving the island and will be placed at the disposal of the corresponding courts for the revocation of said benefit.

The total number of returns from different countries in the region is 4,607.

Cuban authorities remain firm in their commitment to safe and orderly migration, while reiterating the danger and life-threatening conditions posed by illegal departures.

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