More Face Masks for the Cuban Health System

More Face Masks for the Cuban Health System
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6 April 2020
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Tania Raigada Pérez who is the director of the aforementioned business organization enumerated the 10.000 face masks elaborated last Saturday to date and the challenge in terms of carrying out the new commitment in a record time.

The machines of the local Ana Betancourt workshop, Puerto Padre worshop, Vázquez workshop, Jesús Menéndez and Colombia ones increased their rhythm so that the productive flow could be focused on the planned timed in those gigantic facilities in Buena Vista district.

More Face Masks for the Cuban Health System

The women and men of the local Melissa workshops of the National Boga Textiles Confections in Las Tunas province have the current state-run production commitment of elaborating other 204.000 face masks to support the related demand of the national Public health system to face the new covid-19 Coronavirus.


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