Moore Encourages Americans to Fight so that Trump Doesn’t Return

Moore Encourages Americans to Fight so that Trump Doesn’t Return
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10 February 2022
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In a letter published on his personal Facebook page, the renowned American filmmaker and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore addresses his followers to summons them to abandon the sadness and discouragement of two years of pandemic.

Moore, With 10 million social media followers, and nearly 650,000 free (and paid) subscribers to my Substack, I get a lot of mail. But lately the letters have not just been about political despair. Over these two years of the pandemic, the content and tone has changed to the personal. People now write me about a deep personal loneliness, an understandable depression brought upon them by this plague which has uprooted our way of life.

For the 2003 Oscar winner for his documentary Bowling for Columbine, both personal and political letters are overwhelming and worry him to the point where he's not sure how to properly respond to them. “My heart is sad, my soul shares their despair. I want to offer hope, but I don’t want to lie to them or to you. Things are bad. The Right is off its rocker. They are now willing to kill. They’ve got close to 400 million guns — more than the entire Russian and Chinese armies combined", he wrote.

He continues in his letter: “Yes, we are all depressed, sad and fed up with all this. The daily news, the lack of a real life, our children damaged by it. My friends, we must get through this. And we need to stop telling each other scary stories! Because it's like we're almost wishing it would come true. Yes, the rightwing gets all the attention, but I'm here to tell you the truth: Trump is NOT coming back! Let's WIN the Senate we need in November! Black, brown, women, young adults, and the working class! WE ARE the fucked up majority! We will fight for this democracy!

“And in our personal lives, such as they are, we will adapt. Love will win The lips will look for vaccinated lips. We will be kind and loving and we will be there for each other. The virus is here to stay in some form for some time. Well, fuck it. Let's get to work », he concludes.

Michael Moore is known for producing films of social and political denunciation such as: Sicko, Fahrenheit 9/11, Where Do We Invade Now?, Capitalism: A Love Story, which usually receive mixed reactions from the public and critics.

The planet of the humans, his latest production, was released in 2019 and, although it accumulated more than eight million views on YouTube, it was removed from the platform. Apparently, the material bothered the environmental movement, which the authors of the documentary accuse of not defending the environment, but the current consumerist way of life.

That's how awkward and annoying Moore is to the elites.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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