MININT to condemn enemy plans and actions against Cuba

MININT to condemn enemy plans and actions against Cuba
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9 December 2023
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Cuba on Saturday will be revealing an important condemnation of enemy plans and actions against the country, which are being investigated by Interior Ministry (MININT).

According to MININT, the information will be broadcast live at the National Television News, starting at 8:00 pm (local time).

On Friday, some media outlets published the National List of people and entities subject to criminal investigations, who are being wanted by authorities given their deep involvement in actions conducted in Cuba and other countries.

The list, published in Cuba´s official Gazette by means of Resolution 19/2023 of the Interior Ministry, includes those responsible for having committed terror acts against Cuba from 1999 to date.

The list includes individuals responsible for inciting, orchestrating and financing terror actions that really affect the social order in Cuba, by committing violent acts against public officials and entities.

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