Mexico Urges to Consider Structural Causes of Migration

Mexico Urges to Consider Structural Causes of Migration
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5 April 2024
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 Mexico’s Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena called to address the structural causes or origin of migration in her opening remarks of the regional forum known as the First Consultation of the Cartagena+40 Process.

At the forum, held at Mexico Foreign Affairs Ministry, Barcena said that her country promotes the Mexican Model of Human mobility, which targets integral solutions based on humanism. The adoption of the Declaration of Cartagena proved that the reasons of the Global South are crucial.

At present there are 110 million displaced persons, four million stateless and 36 million refugees in the world, she said and added that Mexico has become the third country in the world with more asylum applications –140 thousand—only after the United States and Germany.

Migrants or refugees are persons looking for opportunities, so Mexico calls on the International Organization for Migrations and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to a regional conference on human mobility, which includes labor issues.

Mexico is one of the few countries facing all migration phases: origin, transit, destination and return, Barcena noted and added that the Mexican strategy attends to Mexicans abroad and foreign migrants in its territory.

The Cartagena+40 Process Meeting is a cooperation forum to address challenges related to human mobility in the region and to agree to a roadmap to strengthen the protection to refugees, stateless persons and promote solutions.

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