Matanzas hurts so much…

Matanzas hurts so much…
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8 August 2022
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Matanzas hurts me as much as I am outraged by the mean-spirited people who use this tragedy to torment Cuba.


Horoscopes, predictions, biblical prophecies, memes and jokes often disguise proven attacks of absolute impiety, which is an expression of the lack of the most elementary human principles.


Some speak of calamities, divine punishments, karma, unable to acknowledge that the worst curse on the island is that proud and powerful neighbor that cruelly harasses it, encouraged by those poor devils born in Cuban territory, but lacking the gene that allowed this small island land to become a sovereign nation.


Can anyone really believe that under the influence of those who rub shoulders with the arrogant northern country, the problems of Cuba —largely conditioned by the siege of that very same neighbor— will be solved?


The complacent attitudes, onerous statements, jokes, offenses, in the face of something so painful for all honest Cuban men, inside or outside the nation, such as the fire in Matanzas, show the inhuman values of those who seek to erase the Cuban political system in order to establish another in line with their impiety which, of course, does not include the welfare of all, as proven in the vast poor majority on the planet.


And those are issues on which we Cubans must speak with greater strength and depth despite the overwhelming situation, along with the demands on what can work better, of the essential bravery to overcome the adversity, which is not only faced by Cuba, as we all can see in the news.


What is going on in Matanzas hurts me as much as I am outraged by those who take advantage of this tragedy to attack us with miserable arguments. But I am proud of those women and men who are facing the fire with passion and determination, and those who give us their solidarity in Cuba and abroad, which is the best of all witchcraft to destroy any spell.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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