Matanzas hosts governmental visit

Matanzas hosts governmental visit
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21 November 2020
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez is leading a government visit to Matanzas this Friday. This is the third visit by the Council of Ministers.

Vice President Salvador Valdes Mesa and Prime Minister Marrero Cruz are accompanying the head of state.

The president's first stop was the Jesus Rabi sugar mill in the municipality of Calimete. This mill will be the first to start operations on December 1, marking the beginning of the territory's sugar harvest.

Meeting with local authorities in the province, Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero said that Cubans need to act with more energy and collective responsibility and that state institutions must set an example to fight crime everywhere in the country.

Marrero acknowledged that most of the municipalities in the province of Matanzas are making progress in urban planning, particularly in more complex areas such as the municipality of Cárdenas and this provincial capital.

We cannot live with illegalities, as for the confrontation we have enough experience in the country, it is necessary an additional effort in the territory to avoid the proliferation of new houses or other non-authorized buildings, the Prime Minister said.


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