Marco Rubio: "Biden is Afraid of the Cuban Exile" (+ VIDEO)

Marco Rubio: "Biden is Afraid of the Cuban Exile" (+ VIDEO)
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19 October 2022
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In the U.S. legislative elections in November, the Republican senator defends his seat against Democratic congresswoman Val Demings.

According to Sen. Marco Rubio, the only reason the Biden administration has not returned to Obama's Cuba policies is because he fears the Cuban exile community in Florida.


The previous statement by the Republican senator was made this Friday at a ceremony held at the American Museum of the so-called Cuban Diaspora in Miami where, in the presence of the most select members of the anti-Cuban mafia that supports his re-election in the legislatives next November 8th, repeated his usual string of lies about Cuba.

Once again he pretended to be one of those whose parents' dreams of becoming doctors and lawyers were supposedly severed by the arrival of the Cuban "dictatorship" in order to come to the United States to make beds in a hotel.

As reported by EFE agency, before giving the floor to several of his followers, Marco Rubio recalled "that he is the son of Cubans who had to leave the island after Fidel Castro came to power."

A hoax that was denied years ago by several U.S. media that revealed that Rubio's parents went into exile in the United States in 1956, with Batista in power, and at that time Fidel Castro was not even in Cuba.

Similarly, he had the audacity to say that: "90 miles from here there’s an enemy regime that uses mass emigration to harm us."

It’s no secret that he, along with the anti-Cuban senators who thrive in Congress, was behind the development of the alleged "acoustic attacks" against diplomats in Havana that ruined the closure of the consular procedures of the embassy and, therefore, with the non-compliance of migratory treaties between both nations.

Rubio, who doesn’t miss an opportunity to blame the Cuban government of inefficient, is the mastermind, as he has publicly confessed, of the 243 blockade measures taken by the Trump administration against the island in the midst of a global pandemic.

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Among the senator's ravings was the appeal to the false fable used during the last presidential elections, which is also another of his inspirations, of the communist threat existing among the ranks of the current Democratic administration.

"I'm running for re-election because I think if we don't stop them, the radical left is going to destroy this country," Rubio said.

It’s already known how the very "democratic" right to which Rubio belongs intends to stop "communism." The assault on Capitol Hill by Trumpism, of which the senator is a fervent supporter, racism, incitement to hatred and the defense of the right to bear arms for which Marco Rubio, by the way, gains large payments, are very good examples.

Up to a certain point, it’s not surprising that the current president is afraid of the Cuban exile in Florida, especially if we consider that most of the neo-fascist hordes that went to the Capitol to carry out the assault against the greatest "democracy" of the world came from the state that Marco Rubio represents.

From his words we can understand that if Marco, according to his enthusiastic supporters of the American Museum, is the head of the snake of the Cuban exile in Washington, his lies should terrify Biden.

The so-called Cuban exile, which Biden fears, according to Marco Rubio, is nothing more than a political monstrosity raised and fostered by following U.S. administrations to overthrow the Cuban Revolution.

The core of the exile consists of representatives, former henchmen of the bloody tyranny of Batista, his descendants and last-minute opportunists, it’s not exactly devoted to making beds in hotels. Paid by the pockets of the American taxpayers, it has turned the cause of "freedom" in Cuba into a thriving way of life.

Just like the old Spanish saying goes: If you lie down with dogs , you’ll wake up with fleas.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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