Manuel Marrero affirms that business management must eliminate accommodation, bureaucracy and inefficiency

Manuel Marrero affirms that business management must eliminate accommodation, bureaucracy and inefficiency
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14 June 2024
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The exchanges of the main political authorities and the Government of Cuba with the compatriots are continuous, intense and revealing of the sensitivity with which the problems that exist in the localities are addressed.

This was highlighted yesterday, again, in the municipality of Antilla, where Manuel Marrero Cruz, member of the Political Bureau of the Party and prime minister of the nation, arrived in a work session.

In the port of that town, the Head of Government, in frank dialogue with the managers and workers of the base business unit (UEB) of Maritime Services of the Caribbean Navigation Company, evaluated compliance with indications in the visit he made there. last April.

Among the aspects addressed was what was done in the interest of improving the technical state of naval resources and the repair of docks, issues that he addressed with the vision of seeking solutions with the participation of everyone.

Likewise, he inquired about the delay in the payment of profits for the last quarter of 2023, and for the current year, due to the impact this has on the group.

An example of the weight that workers' criteria have is the commission given to the Coordinator of Economic Programs at the provincial level, as well as to the University of Holguín and the municipal authorities to carry out a study aimed at promoting the creation of a state company. of local subordination capable, among other things, of raising workers' incomes.

With his direct style, accompanied by severity when circumstances require it, Marrero Cruz specified that business management, in its purpose of taking advantage of the potential of local productive systems, must banish work mechanisms that promote accommodation, bureaucracy and inefficiency.

Accompanied from the first moment by Joel Queipo Ruiz, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party in Holguín, and Manuel Hernández Aguilera, governor of the province, the Prime Minister toured the UEB of Transportation and the Cupet Base of the territory, where he spoke with its members about the analyzes carried out in both entities, in order to detect distortions and undertake corrections, to re-boost the economy.

With the aim of fulfilling the Government's agenda on the street, with which he arrived in Holguín, Marrero Cruz also visited the municipality of Gibara, in the second half of Wednesday, in which he toured the rural communities of Pedregoso and La Nasa, in the popular councils Floro Pérez and Boca, respectively.

In both places, the exchange with residents addressed, among other things, the work of community work groups in diagnosing and solving problems, as well as the support of cooperatives to communities, with emphasis on care for the elderly and people in real conditions of vulnerability.

At the meeting, the difficult situation faced by the population due to the country's problems in stabilizing the generation of electricity, and the acquisition of food that makes up the regulated family basket, was not evaded, in view of which we must continue promoting national productions to reduce dependence on imports.

Late in the afternoon, the Prime Minister and his companions inaugurated, in San Felipe de Uñas, in the Los Edificios neighborhood, the Luces Martianas children's house, which houses 12 children, most of them children of workers in the Education sector.

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