Luxury Guests at Chocolate con Café Festival in Guantanamo’s Anniversary

Luxury Guests at Chocolate con Café Festival in Guantanamo’s Anniversary
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27 November 2021
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Almost thirty artistic groups will participate in the fifth Chocolate con Café Festival, with venue in the City of Guantánamo on its 151st anniversary, with performances by nationally famous figures like pianist Frank Fernández, singers Ivette Cepeda and Haila María Mompié, Buena Fe Duet, and Waldo Mendoza, creator of the event and its Honorary President.


The event will last from November 28th to December 2nd, and according to recent details its confirmed the concerts of the Septeto Santiaguero, the singer-songwriters Raúl Paz, Elaín Morales, Adrián Berazaín and Mauricio Figueiral, the ensemble Cuban Sax Quintet, the Dúo Iris, JG and his band and Jorgito Karamba, the last two regulars to this annual event in Guantanamo.

Running parallel, the five days of activities will include scenic, literary, pictorial, photographic, and audiovisual presentations, exchanges in art schools, community extensions, and as something new the First Business Meeting of the AltoSerra export pole will be included, dedicated to the items that give their name to the cultural appointment, distinctive in Eastern Cuba.


On November 28th and 29th the sessions of this new proposal, within the schedule, will be attended by national and foreign businessmen interested in the subject, and will include commercial rounds of coffee and cocoa, lectures, exhibitions, tasting rounds, and print runs of special products like the Guantanamera coffee, and chocolates from the company Stella S.A.


Also new in the Festival's program this year will be the inclusion of a space for cocktails and culinary arts, a musical night dedicated to Italy and, pointing to the interest of the event to take on an international character, the establishment of links with the Ecotur Agency and the Italian tour operator Milestone, for the creation of a package and tourist route dedicated to cultural events.


Undoubtedly, it will now constitute a challenge in terms of health organization and control, and according to the demands of the new normalcy -after the pandemic-, it’s called to keep self-care and preferably closed cultural enclosures will be activated, leaving only open areas the 24 de Febrero and Pedro A. Pérez Squares, where the opening ceremony will be held.


In its interest of growing in impact, the Festival has strengthened ties with sponsoring entities like EGREM, Musicuba, La Estancia SA, CubaRon, Nestlé S.A., the AltoSerra Coffee Processor, the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets, the Italian Agency for Cultural Exchange and Economic with Cuba, and from the city of Turin the Lavazza Company, which specializes in coffee products.

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