Italy approves new decree to stop migratory flow

Italy approves new decree to stop migratory flow
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29 December 2022
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Rome, Dec 29 (Prensa Latina) The Italian government approved a new decree with stricter regulations aimed at trying to stop the migratory flow, particularly the landings of humanitarian ships in Italian ports, as reported a spokesperso

A bill on this issue was presented by the Minister of the Interior, Marcello Piantedosi, and given the green light during the last meeting of the Council.

According to Piantedosi, the new decree on urgent provisions for the management of migratory flows “aims to reconcile the need to guarantee the safety of persons recovered at sea, in accordance with relevant international and national law, with that of protecting public order and safety.”

Among other measures, it establishes that rescue vessels may transit and intervene only for relief, under the control and indications of territorial authorities, and otherwise, fines between 10,000 to 50,000 euros will be imposed on the captain and the owner, and the ship could even be confiscated.

It also indicates that “the transit and anchoring of ships in the territorial waters are aprroved in any case with the sole purpose of guaranteeing the rescue and assistance on land of the people on board to protect their safety”, and they must arrive without delay at the assigned port to complete the rescue operation.

Humanitarian organizations will be able to carry out a single rescue, and immediately inform the authorities to request the disembarking of these people in a safe port, while transfers from one ship to another will be prohibited.

Migrants on board will be asked if they intend to request international protection, so that the flag country of the ship takes charge of the request.

Piantedosi recently announced the intention of the Italian Government to take measures to “fight illegal migratory flow and defend our borders” since, as he said, “the current situation is unsustainable for our country.”

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