Italian solidarity association reaffirms support for Cuban Revolution

Italian solidarity association reaffirms support for Cuban Revolution
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7 April 2024
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The Italian solidarity association La Villetta per Cuba held a day of activities in Rome to reaffirm that solidarity with Cuba and its Revolution is "stronger than ever", according to Luciano Iacovino, leader of the organization.

Cuban ambassador Mirta Granda participated in the event, which took place on Saturday, along with other officials from the Cuban embassy in Italy, as well as representatives of Italian political parties and social movements, and Jorge Luis Oramas, director of Foreign Trade, Foreign Investment and International Cooperation of the Cuban province of Artemisa, who issued statements to Prensa Latina regarding the support that region of Cuba has received from the association for more than 20 years.

Representatives of the community of Cubans residing in Italy were also present.

In his speech, Iacovino referred to the association’s fight against the criminal US blockade, which violates the human rights of the Cuban population, and announced an upcoming shipment of medical supplies and school materials to Cuba.

Both La Villetta and the Salsa Academy are focusing their efforts on preparing containers loaded with donations destined for the provinces of Artemisa and Havana that will leave Italy mid-year.

Raúl Mordenti, professor at the University of Rome, stressed that the example of Cuba must be followed for its internationalism, for its permanent fight against war and for peace, as well as for the unity of its people in the struggle with imperialist aggression.

Ugo Moro, leader of the Italian Communist Party, recognized the Cuban Revolution as an example to the world for its firmness in the defense of its principles and its ideals.

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