Gun violence without a Christmas break in the U.S.

Gun violence without a Christmas break in the U.S.
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25 December 2023
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Gun violence in the United States seems to give no break for Christmas, as confirmed today after the death of more than 20 people involved in firearm incidents in different parts of the country in just 24 hours.
One of the latest events was reported by local media at a shopping mall in Colorado, where an individual was shot dead on Sunday and three others were wounded while visitors were finishing their last-minute Christmas shopping, police reported.

According to the report, the incident popped up after a fight broke out between two groups Sunday afternoon, the Colorado Springs Police Department said.

One man was found dead at the Citadel Mall, and two others “suffering from at least one gunshot wound each” were taken to local hospitals in serious condition, the Police Department ported on X.

On Saturday, one person was also killed at a shopping mall in Ocala, Florida. The suspect is still at large.

In addition to Colorado, Louisiana, the Carolinas, Arkansas, Missouri and Mississippi are among the states where such events were reported, the Gun Violence Archive tracker said.

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