Guatemala's Minister of Health defends work of Cuban doctors

Guatemala's Minister of Health defends work of Cuban doctors
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29 August 2020
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Guatemala's Minister of Health Amelia Flores deemed the work of Cuban doctors as indisputable and irreplaceable since 'they go to places where our staff does not want to go.'

'Our position on the Cuban medical brigade is crystal-clear, Cuban healthcare professionals are an indisputable and irreplaceable support so far to specialized Guatemalan medical personnel. This is an issue that we cannot change at this time, nor do we would like to,' she assured at an interview with 'A Primera Hora' radio station programme from Emisoras Unidas.

The minister's words represent a turn to the position expressed on Thursday, when she affirmed that the portfolio was analyzing the cancellation of the current contract with Cuba, 'a process that had already been working with the Foreign Ministry,' according to a video that quickly circulated in the written press, television, radio and social networks.

To a question on the issue, Flores considered it regrettable that her information, offered at the exit of Congress by a subpoena, was not interpreted in the best way.

'I said that we are working and, it is my responsibility, to review my budget and I am also reviewing deals in general with MINEX (Ministry of Foreign Relations),' she clarified.

Cuban doctors are working in municipalities such as La Tinta, Fray Bartolome de Las Casas, where we do not have those Guatemalan specialists who want to go to those places, the truth is that not even for different wages from those that are usually paid in the Ministry, she pointed out on Friday to Emisoras Unidas.


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