IN GALLERIES: The Paths of Roberto Diago

IN GALLERIES: The Paths of Roberto Diago
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25 July 2023
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Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, a point of Spain in the Northwest of Africa, is the first stop of Diago's great exhibition. It could be assumed as a symbolic circumstance, because in the exhibition it’s recreated, from the poetics of the Cuban artist, the extraordinary legacy of the so-called black continent to universal heritage. And it's not exactly about a sweetened story.

Juan Ismael art center, in the city of Puerto del Rosario, hosts until September 23rd this exhibition, whose title, Darkness was the Beginning, is in fact a  strong conceptual approach. It's clear Africa is the continent of genesis.

Forty pieces, including paintings, drawings, sculptures and installments are articulated in thematic centers.

Africa is much more than a note of color, it’s not the common place that some people, with better or worse intentions have reduced that heritage. It's a rich cultural fabric, a radiant universe, a permanent presence. Diago deals with many of these contributions, with all his arsenal.

Each exhibition space has been conceived so that visitors can integrate with it, in it. Diago has set out to create an intimate connection between his works and the spectators.

It’s the first major personal exhibition in Spain of Roberto Diago, who is a member in Cuba of the Galería Habana roster. Produced by Artizar gallery it offers an overview of the most recent creation of a dedicated artist with his poetics, which is a suggestive expression of a culture of confluences.

And Africa is source and drive.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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