G77+China Summit for more effective global governance mechanisms

G77+China Summit for more effective global governance mechanisms
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16 September 2023
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The G77+China Summit is presently helping safeguard the status of the United Nations and allows global governance mechanisms to be more effective, said a Chinese expert.

According to international relations professor Wu Baiyi, 'politically speaking, the world is facing up with a real complicated series of challenges, including the desperation of the world's only superpower to keep its hegemony'.

In addition, Wu Baiyi mentioned the surge of anti-globalization sentiments in some parts of the world and unbalanced global development.

'Once again, the international community is being tested, even though the choice between unity and division, cooperation and confrontation, and peace and conflict is pretty obvious,' Wu Baiyi told China Daily.

According to the Chinese professor, strengthening cooperation and unity, 'China and other developing countries will be able to play an important role in preventing wars and conflicts, as well as promoting peace and development.'

The G77+China Summit is being held in Cuba, focusing on science, technology and innovation, but also on the group's historical grievances.

China on Friday urged for a global governance reform towards a fairer and more reasonable course, and in defense of South-South cooperation, as it was expressed by Li Xi, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of that Asian nation, who is attending the Summit in Havana, Cuba.

She also encouraged to keep the momentum of collective rise of less industrialized states and to promote the stable growth of the world economy amid a scenario in which unilateralism and hegemonism fall back on coercive practices including unilateral sanctions.

In this context, Li Xi said, China is willing to work together with Cuba and other G77 members to open a new chapter of cooperation and solidarity, while urging for building a community of shared future for the global south with a view to ushering in a new era of common development.


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