The Feast of Senses

The Feast of Senses
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21 January 2023
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Gathered in pleasant reunion, the characters in this story enjoy the pleasures of the senses. According to plastic convention, only three are represented: taste (referred to by fruits); smell (the flowers) and hearing (the archlute).

Touch and sight were not recreated with the traditional pecking bird and the mirror, according to the tacit rules of the Flemish school; but it’s obvious that the guests at this meeting also touch and see the wonders of good life and excellent company.

Dated in 1630 and attributed to master Jan Cossiers, a leading artist of genre painting in Antwerp, the work is an outstanding example of a tendency that approached the tiny matters of existence, far from the magnificence of Biblical re-enactments or chronicles of great battles.

The viewer can be affected by this playful spirit and can even invent the conversation that takes place at the table... very interesting judging by the expression of the young lady who peeks out from behind the curtain.


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