Famous Cuban artist Juana Bacallao in serious health condition

Famous Cuban artist Juana Bacallao in serious health condition
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23 February 2024
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The Cuban Institute of Music (ICM) reported today on its Facebook social network account that the health condition of the famous Cuban artist, Juana Bacallao, (98 years old) is serious, with a reserved outcome.

The note points out that the ICM has been in direct contact with the family members and the medical institution where the outstanding Cuban artist, Neris Amelia Martínez Salazar, better known as Juana Bacallao, is hospitalized.

We appreciate the expressions of affection and concern for such a charismatic and beloved figure of the Cuban culture, the text reads. Born into a humble family and orphaned at a very early age, the singer’s humorous vision took her through very different show business paths, from cabaret to television, including theater.

Although she never formally studied music, she learned to play the piano and the tumbadoras and acted as a sort of maid, whose talent caught the attention of composer, musician, and orchestra director Obdulio Morales.

The Cuban Maestro promoted her debut at the Martí Theater in Havana with the interpretation of the guaracha ‘Yo soy Juana Bacallao’, which became her artistic name, which later went beyond the borders of the Caribbean island with the nickname ‘Juana, La Cubana’ (Juana, the Cuban).

A ‘Show Woman’ artist, thus baptized by maestro Morales, Juana became the black goddess of Cuban cabarets.

In her way of performing, she combined song lyrics with burlesque or tragic texts, spirited gestures, and extravagant costumes.

Unique in her style, she marked a milestone in the history of Cuban cabaret since the 1950s.

Juana Bacallao is also the image of the popular picaresque tradition of the Antillean nation, based on her spontaneity in assuming a dancing repertoire among audiences from all over the world.

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