The European Union Does Not Exist for Us: President Maduro

The European Union Does Not Exist for Us: President Maduro
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15 March 2024
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President Maduro strongly criticized the European Union after being informed that the European Parliament had issued a resolution calling for more sanctions against his country.


New Attempt to Assassinate Venezuelan President is Thwarted

"The European Union does not exist for us," he said emphatically in response to a question from a journalist when he was at the Carupano City's airport.

Previously, the European Parliament approved a resolution urging the European Union to tighten coercive measures against Venezuela, citing alleged repressive actions against opposition politicians.

Approved with 497 votes in favor, 22 against, and 27 abstentions, this European resolution specifically requests that Venezuelan authorities allow the electoral participation of Maria Corina Machado, an opposition politician.


Miles de hombres y mujeres de la Patria expresan amor profundo a su líder @NicolasMaduro en Carúpano.

“Gracias al pueblo de Carúpano, que alegría llegar y ser recibido en todas sus calles y avenidas por un pueblo amoroso, revolucionario y más que nunca chavista", manifestó el…

— Prensa Presidencial (@PresidencialVen) March 14, 2024

The text reads, "Thousands of men and women of the homeland express deep love for their leader Nicolas Maduro in Carupano. 'Thanks to the Carupano people. What a joy to arrive and be received in all the streets and avenues by a loving, revolutionary, and more-Chavista-than-ever people," President Nicolas Maduro said."

European parliamentarians also demand the immediate release of individuals involved in conspiracies to destabilize Venezuela, such as Rocio San Miguel and Gen. Hector Hernandez.

On Thursday, Venezuelan National Assembly President Jorge Rodriguez also rejected the European parliamentarians' interventionist attitude.

"Those rude legislators... insist on meddling and interfering in matters that only concern Venezuela. That's pure garbage. We reject it and repudiate it," he said, adding that Venezuela will never invite the European Union to send electoral observers due to these attitudes.

Rodriguez also pointed out that respect for Venezuela's sovereignty and self-determination is the only condition that his country establishes for European observers to attend the presidential elections on July 28.

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