Ecuador: Avalanche Generates a Tragedy in Alausi City

Ecuador: Avalanche Generates a Tragedy in Alausi City
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27 March 2023
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On Sunday night, the rains caused an avalanche that swept away some 40 houses in the city of Alausi in the Ecuadorian province of Chimborazo.

"We are not sure how many people might be apparently buried. We are working with the fire brigade... The area is very dangerous," Chimborazo Governor Ivan Vinueza said, adding that some ten people had been rescued so far.

According to data published by the Adverse Events Monitoring Department on Monday, the avalanche left 16 dead, 7 people missing, 500 citizens affected, and 163 homes destroyed.

The landslide mainly affected the Nuevo Alausi neighborhood, where the authorities proceeded to evacuate the inhabitants with the support of firefighters and the military.

Former President Rafael Correa's tweet reads, "What happened in Alausi is devastating. A huge hug of solidarity."

The landslide also affected traffic on the Pan-American highway, which hinders the search and rescue tasks that are being carried out with the support of firefighters from eight cities.

Police from the cities of Alausi and Riobamba support work to protect the population and are coordinating with the health authorities to care for the rescued people.

Three temporary accommodations have been activated and one hundred mattresses and sleeping equipment have been mobilized to care for those affected.

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