Diaz-Canel visits work centers in Cuban central province (+Photo)

Diaz-Canel visits work centers in Cuban central province (+Photo)
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9 March 2023
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, together with the parliamentary candidates from this territory, toured places of interest in this province on Thursday.

They started the meetings at the Desembarco del Granma (Granma Landing) textile company, an industry founded 40 years ago and whose productions are mainly aimed at key programs in the country, such as Public Health and Education.

The president stressed that there is still a potential to be exploited, and recognized the workers of the textile company, who have defended the factory and keep it producing, amid the difficult economic situation.

The head of State also recognized the vanguard role of this industry, which today is going through difficult times due to the intensification of the United States blockade against Cuba, which makes access to financing practically impossible.

The Desembarco del Granma textile company is a high water and energy consumer, and it is currently affected by the shortage raw materials imports.

The candidates also spoke with workers and neighbors about the upcoming voting on March 26 and the voters defended the united vote.

Clara Nubia, who shares a ticket with the Cuban president, spoke about the motivations to go to the polls in the national elections.

The candidates also visited the “Osvaldo Herrera” Base Business Unit (UEB), which produces asphalt and construction materials.

There they learned that more than 500 problems by the population have been solved by the UEB, which entirely responds to the needs of these central Cuban province.

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