Díaz-Canel visits centers linked to communication

Díaz-Canel visits centers linked to communication
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6 April 2024
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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel visited the headquarters of Granma newspaper and inaugurated a new Creation and Design company, highlighting the role of communication in the growth process of the Revolution, the presidential press reported on Saturday.

The head of State toured the renovated areas of Granma newspaper, the official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba, (PCC) on Friday, and confirmed that progress has been made in the comfort of other production areas, such as Design, Correction and Granma International.

He also visited at the newspaper’s new children’s house, Little Expeditionaries, where the children of the center’s workers and the community are taken care of.

Díaz-Canel called to continue to create better working conditions, which translate into better quality of the newspaper.

“We have to aspire for Granma to be the most read multimedia newspaper in Cuba, for young people to become closer to Granma, and for that, we have to give it a touch of originality,” he stressed.

This objective will be achieved with the joint work of those who have accumulated experience and the renewing energies that the youngest contribute.

As part of his afternoon agenda, Díaz-Canel officially inaugurated the Creation and Design Company.

The director of the new institution, Adonis Subit Lamit, explained that its mission is to manage innovative communication products, with high strategic, tactical and contingent values, to influence the physical environment, the media and digital networks.

It will also contribute to the articulation of a coherent discourse among the various communication stockholders in the country.

In that center, Díaz-Canel recognized the importance of making communication more attractive and using its tools creatively.


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