Cuba's Foreign Minister reaffirms fidelity to principles of independe

Cuba's Foreign Minister reaffirms fidelity to principles of independe
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10 October 2020
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Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez reaffirmed the fidelity of Cuba's diplomacy to the pro-independence principles, as the 152nd anniversary of the beginning of the fight for independence is celebrated on this date.

The Foreign Minister tweeted recalling that Cuba has forged its sovereignty on the basis of a single Revolution, which began on October 10th, 1868 against the domination by Spain.

'True to our history, Cuba's diplomacy will continue to defend the principles of independence and social justice that we have conquered,' Rodriguez tweeted.

An armed uprising took place at the La Demajagua sugar mill on October 10th, 1868, in the eastern part of the country, marking the beginning of the independence process in Cuba.

Carlos Manuel de Cespedes (1819-1874), who led the group of conspirators that carried out the feat, made the decision to start the war, set his slaves free and invited them to fight for a free Cuba.

Other uprisings would take place later on as well in the provinces of Camagüey, in November of 1868, and Las Villas, in February of 1869, both in the central-eastern part of the country.

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