Cuban workers’ movement prepares May Day celebrations

Cuban workers’ movement prepares May Day celebrations
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3 April 2023
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The Cuban workers' movement is preparing several activities to celebrate International Workers' Day, including productive days and the traditional May Day parade.
According to the call issued by the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC) and its national trade unions under the slogan “A la Patria, manos y corazón” (To Homeland, hands, and heart), in working places nationwide they will prioritize different problems.

As the call points out, the celebration will take place at a moment when the country is facing an “economic, intensified and multidimensional war,” so the workers’ movement’s efforts will be focused on aspects such as producing food, reducing imports, increasing exportable products, confronting speculation and recovering industrial capacity. Clean-up days, voluntary works, and the preparation of initiatives for the anniversary parade are also part of the agenda planned by the trade unions so far.

This May Day, workers from all over the country will gather again in squares and cities, this time motivated by relevant events in Cuban histories, such as the 170th birthday of National Hero José Martí on January 28, 1853, and the 145th anniversary of the Baraguá´s Protest on March 15, 1878, CTC´s General Secretary Ulises Guilarte said.

The 70th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes garrisons on July 26, 1953, and the 95th birthday of Argentine-Cuban guerrilla “Ernesto Che Guervara” are also included, Guilarte added.

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