Cuban schools without transmission of Covid-19

Cuban schools without transmission of Covid-19
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24 September 2020
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Cuban schools do not report Covid-19 transmission events until today, according to the Minister of Education (Mined), Ena Elsa Velázquez.

This was stated in her account on the social network Twitter, in a message in which she stressed that schools are territory free of the disease despite outbreaks in 10 Cuban provinces.

'We have already started the fourth week of the school year. There is no transmission event in educational institutions. Isolation measures are taken with agility in the face of situations in the communities,' Velázquez published.

The minister also subscribed that measures are adopted to avoid contagion in the schools.

'When it has been necessary, the course has been stopped and students and workers isolated. The most important thing is the health of the people,' he said.

Several provinces and territories, including Havana, have not resumed classes due to the incidence of outbreaks of Covid-19.

In this regard, Mined designed a series of educational teaching activities in order to prepare students until they can return to the classroom.

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