Cuban president describes visit to Matanzas as stimulating

Cuban president describes visit to Matanzas as stimulating
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21 November 2020
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said that the government visit to western Matanzas province left stimulating teachings, as it is a region with high potentialities to implement the socioeconomic strategy.

'We have seen a province where there is unity and a working spirit and linkages with the grassroots that create a very favorable atmosphere to advance despite the complex problems being faced,' Diaz-Canel noted when summarizing the tour by the Council of Ministers on Friday.

The head of State pointed out that the feeling of creativity perceived in the places visited exists even through there is an accumulation of situations that are impossible to solve due to the economic difficulties and the effects of the United States blockade against Cuba.

Diaz-Canel highlighted the province's collective effort to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, and acknowledged that this result acquires more relevance as it is one of the territories with a high pressure in the first moment due to an imported outbreak of the disease.

However, he underlined, amid uncertainty due to the beginning of the pandemic, the province adjusted its mechanism, overcame each event, learned and achieved stability in controlling the new coronavirus.

'After reopening tourism, it is a challenge to keep that achievement,' stressed Diaz-Canel, who noted the relevance of the recently-inaugurated Molecular Biology Lab in the provincial capital, an institution that he visited to congratulate its officials and workers.

'The visit has taught us lessons and learning that are stimulating, so all of us as the central government are highly motivated and committed to what we can advance in this territory,' he pointed out.


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