Cuban president commemorates Máximo Gómez's birth

Cuban president commemorates Máximo Gómez's birth
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18 November 2020
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Wednesday commemorated the 184th anniversary of independence hero Maximo Gomez's birth.
On his Twitter account, Diaz-Canel wrote, 'Maximo Gomez: the reason for our existence is in the people', and shared a link to a journalistic article on Maximo Gomez's life and work, who is considered an example of internationalism.

The Generalisimo, as he was called in Cuba, was born on November 18, 1836, in Bani, the Dominican Republic, and settled in Cuba with his family in 1865.

Soon he joined the independence movement against Spain that was initiated by revolutionary lawyer Carlos Manuel de Cespedes on October 10, 1868.

Gomez proved his skill as a military strategist in the Ten-Year War (1868-1878) and in the so-called Necessary War that started in 1865.

He was deeply involved in the first machete charge during the independence process, in November 1868; and alongside Lieutenant General Antonio Maceo, in the east-west invasion.

Cuba's National Hero José Martí described Gomez as a 'Dominican by birth but Cuban at the heart'.

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