Cuban president attends opening of Meteoro 2022 drill

Cuban president attends opening of Meteoro 2022 drill
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21 May 2022
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Cuban National Defense Council President Miguel Diaz-Canel attended the opening of the popular exercise on actions in disaster situations, Meteoro 2022, which began throughout the country on Saturday.

The Cuban president received a detailed update by specialists from the Ministry of Public Health, the Institutes of Meteorology, Hydraulic Resources and the National Center for Seismological Research.

Along with Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, Diaz-Canel learned about the current situation in Cuba in those areas and the forecast of the behavior of the next hurricane season in the country.

He highlighted that the work of the internationally recognized Civil Defense System has been strengthened from the experiences and analyzes after meteorological events.

The head of State called to focus on Meteoro 2022 and on the specifications of the plans that must be in correspondence with the current economic situation in Cuba.

The drill will include practical activities and exercises in all territories, the head of the National Civil Defense General Staff, Division General (R) Ramon Pardo Guerra, said.

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