Cuban parliamentary commissions report on their activity

Cuban parliamentary commissions report on their activity
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20 January 2023
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HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 20 (ACN) The permanent working commissions of the National Assembly of People's Power (Parliament) reported to the Council of State on their functioning in the 9th Legislature of the Cuban legislature.

As reported on Twitter by the Parliament, during the session of the Council of State, headed by its president, Esteban Lazo, it was learned that between 2018 and 2023, the deputies members of the commissions followed up on the national economy, the development of the constitutional reform process, and starred in a busy legislative activity after the proclamation of the Magna Carta, on April 10, 2019.

During the period of prevention and confrontation with the COVID-19, they were incorporated, from their functions in the territories, to the tasks indicated by the defense councils.

According to the report of the legislature, the Council of State recognized how from the indications of the 8th Party Congress, the commissions strengthened the actions in the territories, the checking of prioritized policies and programs, and the popular control.

The meeting highlighted the development of the accountability processes and the highest level of control of the Central State Administration and provincial governments, with favorable results and experiences to continue improving both exercises.
Esteban Lazo stressed the importance of this exercise, which is in itself an accountability of the parliamentary committees, to continue strengthening their work.

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