Cuban Labs Produce Two Anti-Covid-19 Vaccines on Large Scale

Cuban Labs Produce Two Anti-Covid-19 Vaccines on Large Scale
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25 February 2021
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Thousands of bulbs of the Covid-19 vaccines are being filled today at Cuban labs, after the beginning of Abdala vaccine production, the second vaccine to move to phase III.


Previously, the large-scale production of Soberana 02, the anti-Covid-19 proposal created by the Finlay Institute of Vaccines (IFV), already started, moving to its phase III on March 1.


In this way, the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), leader of the Abdala vaccine candidate, joins the productive vaccine escalation in the country.


The idea, as with Soberana 02, is to provide enough doses of the molecule to continue this next stage of the clinical trial with more volunteers to verify its efficacy, and then expand it to the rest of the population.


According to scientists, Abdala vaccine candidate proved safety and immunogenicity against Covid-19 in phase II, while, two months earlier phase I, the scientists favorably checked its safety and reactogenicity profile.


The biopharmaceutical industry, on the other hand, already produces the molecule on a large scale and to achieve it, several scientific institutions combine knowledge and experience to produce the vaccines with good practices.


Soberana 02 and Abdala vaccine candidates are not the only anti-Covid-19 vaccines carried out by the Cuban scientific community, because two other molecules are being researched: Sovereign 01 (IFV) and Mambisa (CIGB), the latter the only one designed by nasal way.


The idea is to work on various formulations to benefit people of different ages and have the possibility of vaccinating the entire population, according to specialists.


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