Cuban government checks progress and difficulties in Las Tunas

Cuban government checks progress and difficulties in Las Tunas
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1 July 2022
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Havana, July 1 (RHC)-- Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero headed a governmental visit to the eastern province of Las Tunas, It focused on seeking solutions to local problems and strengthening municipal government management.

The two-day visit was the third made by members of the Council of Ministers and other high-ranking officials to that territory.

Based on the results of previous meetings, the delegation checked the implementation of development strategies in the municipalities, food production, and the transformation of vulnerable neighborhoods, activities prioritized by the island's government.

The Prime Minister assured that "solutions must be sought to help the entire population, no person can be left unattended" and pointed out that "the people must be aware of everything that is being done, that the Government is working to solve their problems."

Marrero Cruz acknowledged that "we have few resources, but we have to distribute them as equitably as possible."

He added that "the problem is not always one of resources but of attention. And if there is something we can squander, it is that: listening to the people, making everyone feel included".

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